Sealants and Protectors

Siltex 800 Black

Code : 63067, 63068, 63069

Specification :

Siltex is a HS Stone chip protector of high performance, suitable for applications over visible, as well as non visible parts of bodyworks which require reproducing the quality level of the original application. Its formulation provides a great flexibility level, which makes it perfect for anticorrosive protection and protection against impacts in parts such as underbodies and wheel wells. Besides, it guarantees an optimal soundproofing in applications over parts with a high level of vibrations such as doors, boots, or panels. Once dry, the excellent texture created in the finish of Siltex 800 allows it to be painted with bodywork basecoat paints, achieving a perfect gloss level. The product is ready to use and it does not require an additional thinner.

pack : 1 kg, 1 kg, 1 kg

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